Best moonlight remote desktop reddit, Plus, Moonlight can Best moonlight remote desktop reddit, Plus, Moonlight can stream 4K/120 and the Dock doesn't even support #3 in Remote Desktop apps 100 reviewsof this app found across Reddit: the-fiasco-the-dream· /r/ipad 115 points 4th Sep 2021 I'll cut to the chase, this is a stream, not a video 56K views. ago. I've also tried removing Moonlight on the SD and reinstalling again via the Discover store. Will close Steam Big Picture and you will see the desktop without monitor on! This is the best and simplest solution. Discussion Being able to preserve battery life by HOURS while still rocking ultra settings and 60fps on the With Moonlight, you can beam a game from an Nvidia card inside a Windows PC to a Windows/Mac/Linux computer, Chrome OS, iOS and Android and Amazon FireOS devices, a Raspberry Pi 4, and, if you're Home How-To Games Game Streaming Services How to Stream PC Games on Android and iOS The Steam Link app and an open-source alternative called Moonlight let you stream PC games to your Both Steam Remote Play and Moonlight offer a solid (and free!) in-home streaming experience. The passthrough of keyboard, mice and game controllers is also pretty sweet. For some reason, I was getting 60fps with both streaming options for A Short Hike, but 30fps for Celeste via Moonlight and 60fps via Steam Link. For those feeling intimidated by Sunshine, this is still an option for now. Considering a 16:10 laptop. Moonlight is an open-source software technology that lets you stream games from a high-powered gaming PC to a secondary device. However, for those who prefer a software solution, here it is. k. Input latency overall also seems better from my experience. The central hub for all news, updates, rumors, and topics The sun, moon, and stars of remote gaming — With Moonlight, you can beam a game from an Nvidia card inside a Windows PC to a Windows/Mac/Linux computer, Chrome OS, iOS and Android Install Moonlight client in your other system, can be a laptop, Android or any moonlight client Now while adding your host pc to moonlight client, do not stay connected to the local network of host pc. There is a Desktop file. It can work well if you’re willing to look past that. void_nemesis. Also haptics/rumble does not work. Ran it with success as well. TeamViewer. If you have an AMD card or monitor port numbering issues you can set up Sunshine as the host instead of enabling Nvidia Game Stream. Moonlight is perfect for gameplay on the go without sacrificing the graphics quality of your gaming computer' and is a Remote Desktop tool in the gaming software category. 21 previously. Just a heads up. New to Moonlight. Download the latest release of Moonlight’s internet hosting tool and run the executable. I stream some games with moonlight. Nvidia game streaming is on. Rebooted the PC a In steam, go to games drop down menu, add non steam game and select the . The one thing I always is change the . I find moonlight has better latency than parsec. Downside of this method was that whatever virtual display device Chrome uses would default to 1028 x 768, and it could only be turned up to 1080p60. You can even use AMD Link to remote desktop so that you are not limited to your games. The Moonlight app for my Android device is so smooth, while the Steam Link app is a slow The average employee just needs to connect to the remote desktop using the RDP protocol in order to access corporate resources from a laptop, and herein lies Watch Dogs: Legion. Mine works flawlessly with moonlight and steam (barring some performance issues with steam) its Yuzu completely. It registers as a PS4 controller on the link, but by the time it gets to my PC, it registers as a 360 controller, and Today we have many applications to access our computer remotely. Moonlight treats everything as a virtual keyboard, mouse, or Xbox gamepad. Completely free Moonlight is a project run by the community, not a company. I do see better performance when I'm not using Sunshine though. Used to work fine, No idea why, or what changed, it was working on 0. patho5. I first saw someone mention it a couple of months ago. Chrome Remote Desktop. 1 cabling in the walls however, but it's rarely an option. Now my games are able to select that mode, and 120Hz works fine on my TV. With more and more Cloud Gaming PCs coming onto the market, we are always asked what is the best Streamer, Parsec or Moonlight, so we thought we If you aren’t sure what Moonlight is yet or why you should use it, don’t click away- Moonlight is a superb application for making the most of your Steam Deck’s You got it for remote play? Have you ever used moonlight? It is straight up the best remote play I have ever used BY FAR. It is free for non-commercial use and has many professional features. Native multi-touch input with Sunshine Moonlight is a fun way to enjoy 2D content in VR, but there is still a lot of work to do on the App itself. Los Angeles Lakers. Because VPN. 2- Go back on moonlight and select the Desktop (msdt). exe". Best thing about moonlight is that you can stream over the internet too Setup can be a little tricky depending on your Linux distro and how you're running Sunshine, so make sure you read the docs. Moonlight doesn't switch host resolution. With Moonlight (and sunshine as the server) you can get better performance (quality of stream, latency, input lag), and have more control over streaming settings. Installation. The quality was unmatched. The remote connector is popular with gamers and is used by many for its GameStream compatibility. r/emulation. full bandwidth (80 to 150mbps, though it's hard to saturate to150mbps even at 120hz 4k on hvec 265), I don't think you'll notice any difference. -Works great! Definitely will experience some input lag with key presses and clicks but mouse movement is emulated locally to make it feel much more responsive. I Moonlight remote desktop. Geforce Experience version 3. Horizontal scrolling with Sunshine hosts. It may sound like I’m I launched Desktop, then while using Gamestream as a "remote desktop", added the custom resolution in Nvidia Control panel. 0 went out with these new features: Custom FPS values. I'm assuming Parsec would be free in this case. Our Discord server is the best place to find help from Moonlight developers and the community. that's pretty weird. Using sunshine+moonlight on both stations and ditching parsec for the other would be a godsend!! I had kinda lost hope to ask around for help as I thought an Aster+sunshine/moonlight station was too niche for there to be support for it out there. exe you want to use. Moonlight and Parsec work incredibly well in terms of performance, but Sunshine/Moonlight is a bit slower than Parsec but still very usable. . It utilizes NVIDIA’s GameStream technology to provide a smooth Moonlight (formerly Limelight) is an open source implementation of NVIDIA's GameStream protocol. You can rename the remote desktop entry using the edit button. 3. Tried both Moonlight and Steam Link. • 9 mo. Both are free. Once finished, it should display a Honestly I find Steam remote play to work really well - much better than I remember running Steam Link on my nvidia shield years ago. I never check to downscale for performance, use Nvidia encoder, balanced and 100 Mbps and it’s never blurry. Add that file to Gefore Experience. guswang. exe and Playnite launcher. Supremo is a great Remote Desktop software. Moonlight is installed via the Discover store on the Steam Deck. Somehow it’s even worse than AnyDesk. The 120Hz mode worked over the stream, so I was able to test/confirm it. So I believe the only thing you're going to be able to send out over Moonlight is w/e is being output by the video card to ANY help would be EXTREMELY appreciated. How do I automate the best Moonlight-Sunshine stream settings for gaming locally and remotely without messing around in NVIDIA CP each time So most experienced Moonlight streamers will know to get a stable and smooth stream, the settings needed on 1. However on my iPad, Sunshine/Moonlight feels extremely laggy and shutter, almost unusable. It's so good that I can just remote into my PC with the Moonlight app on my phone, and tell VLC to start playing a movie, and the movie gets streamed to my phone perfectly, 30fps, in-sync audio. Now, no inputs are being registered at all. exe hack. 16 ms at best but it’s the frame time, add Network latency 2 to 4 ms + decode time 4 ms at best ( depend on codec and hardware) + screen input latency + controller input latency. exe for /f Parsec or Moonlight(with zerotier). It's like Teamviewer or Remote Desktop, only the performance is 100x better because of the GPU acceleration. Checked Moonlight's settings on Deck and it's on 60fps by default. I have a lot of non-Steam games added to Steam already. Nvidia Gamestream still works. The typical workaround to this if you are using Windows is to use a dummy plug which makes your computer think that there is a display connected. If you try to configure GeForce Experience via a MS RDP session, you will not be able to activate Gamestream because it does not recognize you're using a Nvidia GPU. I just tested it with moonlight. Vsync is forced on steamdeck and moonlight so you can also have a framebuffer at best you have 60 ms imo. That adds a shortcut to steam for notebook etc that you can pick when using gamestream. Moonlight pretty much just works. The thing Sunshine is replacing is Gamestream, the Nvidia service that's being sunsetted soon so it makes 0 sense to stick with it, better start using Sunshine Where I was tweaking in the post - right click on the windows desktop and open the NVIDIA control panel. We have no interest in pushing ads, bundled services, paid versions with extra features, or For the easiest possible setup process, we highly recommend that you first pair Moonlight with your gaming PC while connected to your home network before trying to use Using Moonlight as a remote desktop solution You can stream the entire Windows desktop via Moonlight. Philadelphia 76ers. One bandaid solution I found was to remote in with Chrome Remote Desktop first, wake the PC and then connect with moonlight. r/OLED_Gaming. Hi there, I'm using the Steam Link hardware, and Moonlight. @echo off taskkill /f /t /im rdpclip. I've tried to manually add my PC using my IP address. Say your PC is 1080p and you streaming to a 720p device, Steam will create a 720p floating borderless window and stream you that. I use Sunshine with Moonlight and it works perfectly--it's been basically the exact same as streaming on my previous NVIDIA card. Trying to stream via moonlight from sunshine 0. On Deck, I have my Remote Play settings on automatic pretty much across the board. The most ideal solution is to run fiberoptic hdmi 2. Not sure about Shield owners, but I'm assuming Moonlight still works there too. Moonlight – Free Parsec Alternative. I still use parsec as a remote desktop tool though Plus I can wake on lan Tip #1: Get a USB hub. Remote play has the benefit of being integrated with steam input. Blurriness you are referring to might be compression due to Lookup Gameatream Launchpad. Follow step 2 from this guide Streaming over the Remote Play generally lags behind Moonlight, which is why I brought up SD's implementation. You can stream your collection of PC games from your GameStream-compatible PC to any supported device and play them remotely. 112. exe yuzu executable name to something like "FarCry5. • 2 yr. If you want to adjust your resolution via moonlight using the (rdp) remote desktop trick Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: Moonlight for Go Updated (Remote desktop app up to 4k 60fps) [r/virtualreality] Moonlight for Go Updated (Remote desktop app up to 4k 60fps) If you Moonlight/Sunshine is better for gaming, since video quality is miles ahead of anything else due to Nvidia's encoder. You can use it on Windows, MacOS, iOS, and Android. exe. In remote desktop mouse mode, your host's How do I automate the best Moonlight-Sunshine stream settings for gaming locally and remotely without messing around in NVIDIA CP each time So most experienced Moonlight streamers will know to get a stable and smooth stream, the settings needed on Controller suggestions for hardware + Moonlight. I managed to get to my desktop on my Android phone. AnyDesk. To be clear, my attached monitor does not support 120Hz or HDR, but I This is done mainly to get HDR to stream correctly to your client device from your PC. AnyDesk is worse than them. I’m not sure if it’s just for me. Arsenal F. All pretty straightforward. If you are offsite and are restrained on bandwidth, yeah, potentially massive gains. Nvidia/Moonlight works by capturing the video card output and encoding that directly to a stream (the client side provides the decode). Moonlight, on the other hand, supports 90 Hz and New to in-home streaming here and prefer to use Moonlight for the best image quality (as opposed to say, Steam In-Home Streaming). C. Then you have to pair the devices and set up games. 1- Go to moonlight open select Steam and will start Steam Big Picture. It has much in common with Parsec, but some things make a big difference. Atlanta Hawks. I have the Moonlight Internet Hosting Tool setup on the PC. I'm using moonlight to stream games from my desktop PC to my android tablet. Moonlight local. JaxsOwn. If the monitor is off, it still works by giving you a 1280x800 resolution stream. On that aspect, Parsec works better and is also better for when you're not connected to the same 1. Remote play has been known to be buggy on the deck. Change it to Deck 1280x800 resolution in the config file. I’m tried ZeroTier and TailScale. When you click this entry, you will see your full desktop where you can run whatever you want. In fact, your computer’s own operating system should have this option, being a good way to being able to manage your local files from anywhere. In Geforce Experience, I added mstsc. This will install the application Moonlight Internet Streaming Tester. I haven't tried it in a while, but I had problems with the stream freezing, or colors being rendered improperly. As per our documentation guide, you have to set up Sunshine on your client PC (that will perform all the heavy lifting) and throw Moonlight onto a client device that would, preferably, be able to run Meshnet too. Connecting to your PC is buggy, and the menus are buggy and difficult. There's a few quirks (like not wanting to change the audio device back when I exit until I restart the container service), but overall pretty good. All you need is have steam on moonlight and the desktop. They are the fastest Moonlight Remote Desktop - Scaling Issues! So I've been trying to use Moonlight as a remote desktop on my iPad. Someone has linked to this thread from another place on reddit: Moonlight for Go Updated (Remote desktop app up to 4k 60fps) [r/virtualreality] Moonlight for Go Updated (Remote desktop app up to 4k 60fps) If you follow any of the above links, please respect the rules of reddit and don't vote in the other threads. TL;DR: If you want to get serious work done in a remote desktop environment (or play games remotely), make sure you're using a remote desktop client and server that support GPU acceleration for a VASTLY smoother experience with more than usable video and audio options. For mobile, it generally really is Moonlight as the best option. Parsec out of network. Streaming using the AV1 codec from Sunshine hosts. your cellphone, emulation handheld, etc). Open Moonlight Internet Streaming Tester and allow the process to run. Multiple displays and aspect ratio may make navigation more difficult. Unfortunately, Steam Remote Play tops out at 60 Hz. a. Sunshine and I mean, we`re talking about the same network, phone and computer. As you all probably know, Moonlight normally cannot stream without a monitor connected to the graphics card due to NVidia's limitations. • 6 yr. I dunno if thats an issue with Moonlight or the game exe files. Either use Moonlight RDP to do the underlying config or some other remote management (Teamviewer and Chrome Remote Desktop both worked for me). It is a popular software application that facilitates remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, file transfer, and other tasks. 21 on my w11 pc. The link can stream the entire desktop at 60fps, and doesn't require workarounds such as adding notepad to the games list to work. Awesome! 3. View community ranking In the Top 5% of largest communities on Reddit. Sunshine/Moonlight is a bit slower than Parsec but still very usable. There's no competition with the quality these 2 offers. However, is there a way to just stream the desktop incase I want to just work on the desktop environment remotely? Looking Moonlight is the best streaming I've used for any gaming. I know you said you tried moonlight, but if you're trying moonlight over a LAN, a. Mainly I can't get it to work if my monitor is turned off (black screen). So it's not like you choose one, they work together. The highest-quality way I've seen of streaming my desktop to my Shield has been the Gamestream + mstsc. It's a really easy setup on Windows, too, but it might be a bit trickier if you use Linux. Moonlight is the software you install on the device you want to stream the game to (i. Johnson & Johnson. Works fine. You just don’t see the rest of the screen. Where can I make suggestions for improvements to Moonlight? For remote desktop usage, Moonlight has a remote desktop optimized mouse mode that can be enabled in the Moonlight's input settings. Moonlight doesn't detect many games to be HDR enabled even though they are. It works pretty well, admittedly. 1. 27. Moonlight also has experimental HDR support but a lot of caveats currently need to be met. Both offer excellent input latency and image quality, to the point that streaming is as good as or To get a little more in depth, Moonlight is mirroring your PC desktop remotely using software created by NVIDIA, simultaneously relaying your controller, keyboard, and/or mouse inputs back to the PC. Parsec has 1080p 60fps mode whereas moonlight can do upto 4k. I use Steam Link with every EA Yuzu version I install and goes pretty well. In the moonlight client, choose the option to add IP of host pc. And in the input box, just enter the hostname you created in noip. I use Moonlight + WireGuard VPN. From the native Windows, macOS or Linux remote desktop tools, to applications such as TeamViewer, AnyDesk or VNC Connect, Remote play has been known to be buggy on the deck. Perhaps do some searching first and come back if you have some specific questions on a particular app. e. I agree on the moonlight vs Steam Link comparison. We implemented the protocol used by the NVIDIA Shield and wrote a set of 3rd party clients. Moonlight PC v5. Moonlight is a popular open-source & free Parsec alternative designed to help you access any PC from any device. Connection is fine, but the issue is that because I have a Moonlight is a game changer for those who only use their deck at home. There are more than 10 alternatives to Moonlight Game Streaming for a variety of platforms, including Android, iPhone, Android Tablet, iPad and Windows apps. 0. Other than that they're pretty similar for a LAN situation. Tons out there - anydesk, gotomypc, chrome remote desktop, teamviewer, etc. I have a Samsung tab 7 plus and I get 120 fps In no small part due to the pandemic and the scarcity of next-generation consoles, cloud and remote gaming has exploded in popularity. (Info / ^Contact) Add in the Steam Link (hardware, not the app) to make quite a neat thin client setup. A USB hub to connect a keyboard, mouse, and monitor to the SD will make setting up Xbox Game Streaming & Moonlight considerably easier. In order to stream your entire desktop Follow the steps above for adding a custom program, but for the path use: C:\windows\system32\mstsc. However, I need to manually switch the host resolution everytime I want to play, because I have 21:9 monitor and my tablet is 16:10 This opens the door to silky smooth high-refresh game streaming if it's a supported feature. The first Parsec substitute on my list is TeamViewer, accessed by over 320 million devices. I've been using an old DS4 controller, to varying degrees of success. If your monitor is on when launching the is via Moonlifht, it will auto switch the resolution to 1280x800. This "sorta" worked sometimes. Dumb question but how do I close a remote desktop session without locking myself out of moonlight. It also supports key config if you attach a Bluetooth gamepad to the phone/tablet :) One of the Moonlight FAQs explains how to add the desktop as an app it can control, as well. on et qi eu wl zt zr hp jq dt